iso 9001 quality assurance  
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Are you Accountable?

iso 9001 quality assurance The Majority of business operations are accountable for both their own operations and the behavior of their international supply chain. This includes the working conditions, practices and human rights of those involved in producing your goods and services locally as well as internationally .

SA 8000 - Assessing Your Commitment

iso 9001 quality assurance SA8000 (Social accountability) helps to provide the framework with which to  assess and ongoing monitor that your products have been produced without  Child labour,   Abuse and harassment, Underpaid staff and many other areas of Labour welfare and Conditions.

Benefiting Everyone

iso 9001 quality assurance By having a defined and monitored Social Accountability System within you will Strengthen and protect your Businesses reputation,  
international supply chain and Satisfy stakeholders including investors, customers, regulators, activists, labour unions and the news media.


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