iso 9001 quality assurance  
Quality Is The Word
What Is ISO9001:2008 ?

iso 9001 quality assurance ISO9001:2008 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems which deals with:

  • The Quality management system
  • Management responsibility and commitment
  • Resource management
  • Product and service realisation
  • Measurement, analysis and improvements
What does that mean to my business?

iso 9001 quality assurance All companies have a natural process path, from order to dispatch, there is a critical path that is followed as part of the day to day running of a business The standard simply requires that this path, along with the associated practices, is defined, implemented, recorded and monitored to the satisfaction of the assessment

Do I Need It?

iso 9001 quality assurance The benefits of implementing and certifying your Quality Management system are numerous.
The system enables you to identify issues within the process path, giving you the chance to avoid costly changes to products, returns and ensure that your Company name is associated with Quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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