iso 9001 quality assurance  
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Environment Matters

iso 9001 quality assurance Global Warming, Carbon Footprints, Recycling, Carbon Offsetting, Environmental Legislation. The need to be environmentally friendly in business is top of most companies priorities. With the pressures from customers and government it is now essential to prove that you are a "Green" company.

What is ISO 14001 2004?

iso 9001 quality assurance ISO 14001 2004 is the international environmental management standard.
I lays out the means and requirements for implementing your Environmental Management Systems (EMS) against which your company can show it's commitment to Managing your environmental aspects.

How does this help my Business?

iso 9001 quality assurance A recognized, certified environmental management system can help to reduce costs through internal recycling, improves the working environment and is becoming one of the main selling points for many companies By implementing this system you will be helping to improve the environment and your business!


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